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Better Client Communication = $$$
May 29, 2023
Client Communication, Entrepreneurship
Answering emails, texts, and phone calls can be tedious, but if you want to work with real clients with real money, you must speak their...
Stop Dancing Around Money
May 28, 2023
Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Sales
You withhold your rates, hoping they'll fall in love with you first. Then, after multiple conversations, you tell them your prices and they walk...
Marketing is Farming
May 28, 2023
Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales
You'd rather focus on your craft than promote your work. But marketing is essential for transforming your art into a thriving...
Is 45 Too Old to Start a Business?
January 23, 2021
We Americans are obsessed with age, especially youth. There are many problems with this but, to me, the worst is we assume all our meaningful accomplishments must come before we...