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CRAFT Docuseries

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and wondered about the artist behind it? Us too. That’s why we made our docu-series CRAFT.

Each episode features a person who pursues an art form and puts in the work to be great at it. We explore what makes them tick and how their particular art form chose them. 

CRAFT is our love letter to artists and artisans. We hope you love it as much as we love making it. To watch all the episodes, subscribe to our YouTube channel and view the full CRAFT playlist.


Episode 1: Heather Clements

Here’s the first episode about water-colorist Heather Clements. She’s amazing. 🙂 

Episode 2: Jayson Kretzer

Here’s the second, on comic book illustrator Jayson Kretzer. 

Episode 3: Jason Hedden

Aaaand here’s the third, on stand up comic Jason Hedden. 

Episode 4: History Class Brewing Co.

This episode is on the amazing History Class Brewing Company in Panama City, Florida. You’ve never seen a brew pub like this.

Episode 5: Christon Anderson

Some humans could not be anything else but an artist. Christon Anderson is one of those humans.

Episode 6: Downtown Boxing Club

Every memorable documentary has three elements: a great place, great people, and a great story. The Downtown Boxing Club in Panama City, Florida is a gold mine of all three.