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Gulf County, FL: Local by Association

Gulf County, Florida is a special place in a state full of special places. They are not your typical “touristy” waterfront community. The people of Gulf County believe in keeping their home just like nature made it. No theme parks, no putt-putt golf. Just beautiful old Florida charm and wildlife. 

The Gulf Co. Tourist Development Council asked us to help them capture the heart of their beloved homeplace and make a campaign that would attract the right kind of tourism – people who want to keep Gulf Co. as special as they found it. 

The campaign is called “Local By Association.” Let us know if we did our job.

Gulf Co. Local By Association Storyteller Video

We started with a longform storyteller to introduce magical Gulf County. 

We also cut four :30 spots that ran on broadcast and digital across the Southeast U.S.

Another part of the campaign focused on “Local Legends,” people who live in Gulf County year round and who support attracting tourism to the area. We made a longform and four :30 spots for this part of the campaign as well. 

Gulf Co. Local Legends :30 Spots

Jessica: Sharing Gulf County with Everyone

Kelly: Tourism Helps All Businesses

Reggie: Visitor Spending Puts Food on the Table

Matt: The Right King of Tourism

We hope you love this campaign as much as we do. 🙂

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