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We’re filmmakers, not freelancers.

Skill & Craft
We study the art and science of cinematic film making. We bring our best to every project.
Music Matters
We aren't just videographers. We're also musicians. Your project will have a track that elicits emotion and moves people.
Writing for Screen
Our writers have been published nationally. We'll bring those skills to your project.
Full-On Project Management
You'll find we are as obsessed with your project as you are.

frequently asked questions

What kind of work do you do?
We create everything from documentaries to corporate storytelling videos to web series. The one common element is that every project we do has a cinematic look and feel, like a painting in motion.
What is a Wewa?!
Wewa Films is based in, well, Wewa (pronounced WEE-WAH). It's short for Wewahitchka, a little town in North Florida, USA. We love it. 🙂
Will you travel for location shoots?
Yes please, anywhere in the world.
What is your process for creating a video?
1) Call us to talk about your project. Doesn't have to be a fully-formed idea. We'll talk it out with you. Here's Kevin's cell: (850) 819-4463. Or email He'll answer within 24 hrs.

2) We'll set a clear scope for your project and give you a price quote. Once we come to terms, we'll sign a contract.

3) Write the script. This is the backbone and road map of the project.

4) Set location(s) and subjects for your piece. Also set a timeline of activities so you know what's happening all the time.

5) We shoot based on the schedule.

6) We take all that media and do our magic based on the script.

7) Deliver you a draft video.

8) You review and give us comments/changes.

9) We incorporate your changes and deliver your final video.

10) Party!

Do you produce wedding films?
Yep! We actually have a whole page on this site called Weddings by Wewa. Check it out here:
Can we see a preview and make changes before we get the final video?
See the question above. 🙂 (Hint: yes)
How much will my video cost?
Can't say till we talk and hear your vision. Once we do, we'll give you a firm price, we promise.
Do you shoot in 4K?
Yep, if you want us to.
Do you have a drone?
Yep, it's cool too. Oh, and we have our FAA certification in case you were wondering.
What if I only want you to shoot the video but not edit?
Works for us.
What if I want you to edit my video but not shoot the footage?
Nope, sorry. We only edit footage that we shoot. Our work has a very particular look and feel and we have to protect it.
How do we book your video service?
Thought you'd never ask. Call or email Kevin anytime. or (850) 819-4463. He'll answer within 24 hrs.