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Making a McDonald’s Docuseries

There From the Beginning

Tracy Johnstone’s family has owned McDonald’s restaurants in Panama City, Florida, since 1962 (Ray Kroc signed their original franchise papers!). When they decided to build a new one, they wanted to show people how they do it. 

Come Behind the Arches

Tracy asked us to film the story of building their new restaurant and show everything from how they choose the décor to how they make their legendary fries. It happens fast, so we created an episode every week to document the progress. 

It’s fascinating how well orchestrated and designed the process is. 

Enjoy Making a McDonald’s!

Episode 1: The Backstory

Episode 2: Groundbreaking!

Episode 3: Science of the Drive Thru

Episode 4: A Tour of the Floor

Episode 5: From Roof to Curbs

Episode 6: Layout of the Living Room

Episode 7: Memories In The Walls

Episode 8: Kitchen of the Future

Episode 9: Fast and Furious

Episode 10: Décor & More

Episode 11: Be Our Guest

Episode 12: Order Up

Grand Opening Promo Video