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The Business of Creative Podcast with Kevin Elliott

Hey Creative, do you want to turn your artform into a business? Are you overwhelmed with the “business” of being in business – LLCs, taxes, marketing, sales, etc? Join me, Kevin Elliott, as I help you figure that stuff out. Each short episode shares a few tips to help you do better in business … today.

4 Words to Close More Sales

Use these 4 four words to close more sales and be a better project manager.

Dolly Parton and Your Creative Business

Learn this business lesson from Dolly and get what you really want.

Go to In-Person Meetings: Here’s How

I know, it’s scary. But here are some tips. Going to these three types of in-person meetings will help build your business, guaranteed.

Do Not Be a One-Stop Shop

You think by offering more you’ll get more clients and make more money. And you might … for a while. Here is a better way to make more money with fewer, better quality clients.

Tips for Dealing With Creative Anxiety

Anxious, Creative? Same. Here are 3 tips that help me.

The Power of Small Actions

Perfection kills creative businesses. Here are some tips for how to succeed in small, imperfect steps.

Market Like the Big Brands

Want your marketing to work better? Market like those whose marketing works better than yours.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Let’s talk about the power of stories we tell ourselves … about ourselves.

Do You Have to Be Extroverted to Sell?

Let’s bust one of the worst sales myths among Creatives.

Be a “Yes, and” Business Person

The “Yes, and” rule works in improve comedy and creative business.

Why Souvenirs Matter for Your Business

A business lesson from my Disney World shirt.

Bookkeepers, Accountants, and CPAs: What Creatives Need to Know

It’s not whether you need help with books and taxes (you do). It’s about getting the right person(s).

3 Elements to Business Success, According to Kevin

I’ve done business nearly 25 years. Here’s what it really takes.

Sponges and Fountains: How to Be More Productive (I Think)

I’ve learned to rest and build at the same time.

“Workaholic” is a Crap Term

The word “Workaholic” was created by unhappy people.

Is Your Talent Holding You Back?

Talent can be a trap.

Are You an Order Taker or a Thinking Partner?

Order takers are a dime a dozen. Thinking partners are gold. Here’s how to become one.

Convincing vs. Explaining in Sales and Business

We’ve all been there, trying to convince a prospect to buy. Here’s why Kevin thinks that’s a bad idea.

What About Retainers?

Creative, do you do retainer pricing? Here’s why Kevin almost never does.

Kevin’s Thoughts on Bundle Pricing

Do you bundle price your projects? Here’s Kevin’s advice on it.

Do You Have a Mentor?

Not having a mentor cost me decades of business and personal growth. Here’s why (and how) you can do better.

3 Main Steps to Get Your LLC

LLCs differ from state to state, but there are three main steps to get started.

Creative, You Should Talk About Yourself More

You’re comfortable talking about your artform but not yourself. Here’s why you should share your origin story.

Why We’re Afraid to Fail and a Lesson From Interviewing

We’ve been taught there is just one right answer to everything, which is usually false. Here’s a better way to look at life … and business.

Creatives Have a Sales Superpower

Creative, you have a sales superpower and prolly didn’t know it.

Sales Doesn’t Have to Make You Feel Yucky

Hey Creative, ever heard of the sales funnel? Here’s a breakdown with you in mind.

The Sales Funnel for Creatives

Creative, does sales make you feel gross? Doesn’t have to. Here’s why.

Creative, Answer This Question and Relax

Hey Creative, have you really answered this question for yourself? If you do, you can relax and focus on what will make you happy.

Here’s Another Reason You Need an LLC

LLCs are magic, even for freelancers. Here’s another reason why.

Creative, You Should Have an LLC

Hey Creative. You should have an LLC. Here’s just one reason why.

Price Isn’t As Important As You Think

How important is price, really? Here’s what matters more.

Why My First Business Failed and How You Can Avoid My Mistake

My first business failed for one simple reason. Here’s how you can avoid my mistake.

The Most Important Thing in Sales, According to Kevin

Hey Creative, want more sales? It starts with rapport. Here’s how Kevin does it.

Stop Dancing Around Money

Don’t you love that little dance we do with prospects when we don’t want to tell them our price? In this episode, Kevin explains two concepts from the book “The Win Without Pitching Manifesto” and how you can use them to be more confident about your pricing.

How Do You Feel About My Shoe?

People buy on feelings. So don’t ask what people “think” about your brand. Focus on the feelings. Kevin explains by using … his shoe.

Do 1 Small Thing Every Day

Business can be overwhelming, especially for Creatives who just want to make their art. But business doesn’t have to be done all at once. It’s okay to move your business forward one baby step at a time.

Better Client Communication = $$$

Many Creatives are great at making but not great at communicating with clients. In this episode, Kevin shares some communication tips from the corporate world that will work wonders for your client relationships and make you more money.

Sales and Some Mental Jiu Jitsu

Sales is scary for most creatives. It’s way too easy to cave when someone asks the dreaded question, “Is that your best price?” No worries, Kevin’s got you Creative. Try this bit of mental jiu jitsu and close more deals.

Marketing is Farming

Hey Creative, let’s talk about marketing. I know, you hate it. But you will not build a business without it. However, marketing doesn’t have to be gross and, I promise, you can do it your own way. You just need to take some tips from our friends … the farmers.

Three Jobs Every Creative Business Must Have

Hey Creative, you’re likely trying to do too much in your business. Every business has three main jobs and they CANNOT be done by the same person. No worries, I have a book that can help you (no, I didn’t write it).