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Arches for Devon

Devon Winters has autism. And like most kids with autism, he has special gifts. Devon’s is drawing. His favorite subject is the McDonald’s golden arches. He’s drawn them thousands of times and they feature in every piece he does. It’s remarkable.

Devon’s mom and dad wanted to do something special for him, so they posted on Facebook asking if anyone had a set of golden arches they could get for their son. They weren’t hopeful but gave it a try.

Wewa Films | Devon Winters in front of McDonald's golden arch sign

Devon Winters with his favorite art subject, the McDonald’s golden arches.


Scott Owen, a manager of McDonald’s in Panama City, Florida, was on Facebook that day and saw the Winters’ post. Scott was the right guy to see that post, for two reasons. First, he grew up in the same area as Devon. Second, he had a set of arches in his garage.

Hurricane Michael destroyed every McDonald’s in Panama City in 2018. Only two signs survived. One is in the Johnstone Family McDonald’s corporate office. Scott decided to give the other to Devon.

This mini-doc tells that story.

This is a beautiful story showing that even the biggest corporations are made of humans with heart.

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P.S. – McDonald’s kept in touch with Devon and decided to gift his family for Christmas, including a new car. Read that story in this Fox News article