Hey, creative. Check out this cool t-shirt I got at Disney World last week for, uh, for those of you listening on the audio only version of this, it’s a, like a super cool yellow retro Walt Disney world, uh, t-shirt with the original like 1971, uh, Mickey Mouse head, like a globe in the thing. So if you’re my age, if you grew up in the eighties, this was the Disney logo you’re used to. Anyway, cool shirt, right? Let me tell you why this shirt matters for your creative business. I, uh, bought this shirt, I think on uh, main Street in in the Magic Kingdom last weekend. I was there with my, my wife and my daughter and my son-in-law, my younger daughter. Uh, we had a blast. Great trip and all that. Well, I bought this t-shirt as a souvenir of that trip. Now, I could have bought this t-shirt online somewhere easily, I’m sure, and I probably could have gotten it cheaper than I got it, uh, in the emporium there on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, right?

But why did I buy it there? I bought it there because it has a story attached to it. I wanted to buy this shirt cuz I was having grails making great memories with my family. And every time I wear this shirt, I’m gonna think of that trip and I’m gonna tell people that story about that time we did that thing. That’s what we do, right? Human beings, we attach emotions to physical objects. We attach emotions to experiences, we attach emotions to smells. We attach them to hearing, we attach emotions to everything <laugh>, because we’re not nearly as logical as we like to think we are. Now, the good thing for you and why this matters for your creative business is because as like say AI tools, you know, they come online and they can generate art and they can do all these things. There are going to be a level of customer who will just do their art through the machine.

They, they will be, but there’s gonna be a lot of people out there. I have a suspicion that still want a story attached to their art. They want to, no, they wanna be able to tell people at a cocktail party, oh, I got this piece of art from this artist and I met her and she was great and she had this backstory and she did this special thing on this painting and this is what it meant cuz she explained it to me and right. We, we all want that, whether it’s music or art, uh, say painting, pottery, video, like, like what I do. Um, it’s, it’s really easy to despair, to think like, oh no, all the, the world is moving away from individual artists. I, I don’t think that’s, I don’t think that’s gonna be true. And maybe this, maybe this podcast won’t age well, we’ll see <laugh>, but I’m, I just have a suspicion that things like this t-shirt so, uh, are going to always matter.

So you as a, as an artist, as a creative in business, it’s very important for you to engage and make memories with your clients. Uh, show them your personality, talk to them about your life. Bond with them, bond with them and it will increase your value to them because then they can say, oh my gosh, I got this piece of art and it’s really beautiful. Or the, uh, this song or this video or whatever it is, it’s really beautiful. But man, it was such a neat experience. I met the person who made it, not the robot that made it. I met the human that made it and I, they had stories and it was great. This t-shirt, I think is living proof that if we can help our clients attach stories to the projects we do with them, they will love your work. They will pay you more money for it. And they will tell their friends also, I gotta show off my cool t-shirt. Y’all can do this. I love you.