Hey, creative. You ever been called a workaholic? You work too much. I hate that term. I hate the word workaholic <laugh>, and I think it was invented by people who just don’t like the work they do, right? So if you don’t like your work and you can’t wait to get away on weekends, or you can’t wait to get away, at the end of the day, you can’t. You just can’t get wait to get away <laugh> every day from your work and go do something that is not your work. Um, when you see people who want to work on their craft or whatever it is, they do, um, a lot all the time. It’s all they think about while they want to talk about, they go, what? I what a workaholic. You shouldn’t do that. I understand why they say that. I’m just here to tell you.

If you’re feeling that, if you are so passionate about what you do and what you love and your art form, and you want to turn it into a business and you wanna work on it all the time and it makes you feel good to work on it, I’m here to tell you that’s exactly what I feel. And it’s okay. And you’re not a workaholic. You’re passionate, right? You found something you want to spend your time doing. How rare is that? How special is that? Most people never find that. So I want you to just be encouraged that if you’re, if you just lay awake at night thinking about how to grow your business or how to be better at your art form, you’re not a workaholic. You’re lucky. You’re one of the lucky few who has found something that just lights your fire. And I want to be the, be one of the people that encourages you to stoke that fire.

Okay? A lot of people would look at me and say, oh, Kevin, you’re a workaholic. Or they do. They say this to me, <laugh>, you’re a workaholic. You work weekends, you work nights. You just think you’re doing all these things. I don’t see it that way. I see it as I’m spending my time doing something that just fills my soul with joy and it comes out in the, in this version. And so I used to apologize for it or feel bad for it. I don’t anymore. We all spend our time doing something. I spend my time doing this. You spend your time building your creative art form or getting better at what you do. We’re not workaholics, so you don’t have to apologize. All right. Welcome to the club of people who have found a true passion and a true calling. Welcome. I love you.