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By Kevin Elliott

When was the last time a company video inspired you? Gave you chills? Made you cry?

Do yours do that? 

In Simon Sinek’s classic TED Talk, he explains that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

The video has 51M views and Sinek has built Start With Why into a massive brand. 

Then why don’t more companies take his advice in their videos? 

The best companies make videos that speak to our hearts (not our minds) and convey the company’s reason for existence. 

Two stellar examples from Apple and Google 

Here’s how the pros do it. Grab their hearts and don’t let go.

Google: Parisian Love

Apple: Think Different

Tears and chills, right? 

Your company videos should make people feel, not think

No matter how much we like to think we make “smart” buying decisions based on facts and figures, we actually buy based on our feelings. 

Make people feel something with your videos.

Can a brewery make you feel?

Say you own a brew pub and you want to set yourself apart. You could make a company video that lists all your stouts, ales, pilsners, and IPAs, just like everyone else (snooze fest).

Or you could do what we did and tell the inspiring story of why these guys opened the pub in the first place. Watch this.

All breweries have beer. Not all of them make you feel great for drinking it at their pub. 

Winning hearts over minds

When planning your next company video, ask yourself what feelings you want to elicit from viewers, not what knowledge you want to convey.

It seems counter intuitive but, after watching the examples above, doesn’t it just feel right? 

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