Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

By Kevin Elliott

Marketing a startup is a journey of a thousand miles … uphill both ways … through the snow … while eating an elephant.

There is never enough money and you certainly don’t have marketing staff. Unless you mean you. 

Then what can you do? Marketing is everything to business success. In fact, marketing titan Jack Trout said that in business, and I paraphrase, “all you have is your difference and marketing.” (Read this post about my favorite Trout marketing book).

Then. What. Can. You. Do?

Make something. 

This is the time for makers

Make a blog post. A social media post. A web page. An iPhone video. Something. 

You have never had more (and many free) tools at your disposal to help market your small business. Use them.

Every little thing you put online is something a potential customer can find. Something that will put your brand in their mind and move them closer to you. 

You found this blog post, didn’t you? 

Steady as she goes

The rule of content marketing is quantity. Just start making things about your business and put it out there. Make something today. Make something tomorrow. It’s a snow ball but you have to get it rolling down hill. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be consistent. Drip, drip, drip. 

You might think you need a big marketing budget to grow a business. You might be using your lack of money as an excuse. Don’t. 

Learn from Allan

Here are a few examples from a friend of mine named Allan. He is an extremely successful business guy. He has started (and sold) a multi-million dollar accounting software, he owns a video production company, and recently founded a brewery, among other ventures.

He didn’t have massive marketing budgets to build those businesses but he is a master of making. 

For instance, he had nearly 10,000 followers on his brewery Facebook page months before it even opened


He wrote more than 500 blog posts for his software company. He posts short videos to his brewery social media nearly every day. He makes. And makes. And makes. 

And it works. Don’t let other companies scare you and don’t let budgets stop you. If you want to build your business, simply start making. 

Make something today. 

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P.S – Here are some resources to help you start making. We use these. 

  • WordPress – You can start a blog for free in minutes. This whole website was built in WordPress.
  • Epidemic Sound – Royalty free music tracks for videos.
  • Storyblocks – Not free, but great stock video.
  • Pexels – Amazing free pictures.
  • Creative Commons – More free pictures.