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By Kevin Elliott
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We Americans are obsessed with age, especially youth. 

There are many problems with this but, to me, the worst is we assume all our meaningful accomplishments must come before we are 30. 

What pressure, and how sad. 

And what discouragement when you pass thirty, then forty and on, and realize you still have hopes, dreams, passion, and drive. In many ways more than when you were younger. 

I started Wewa Films with my business partner when I was 45 years old (she was a mere child of 27). I’m ashamed to say I seriously questioned if it was too late in life to do something like that, to start something new. I mean, 45 is almost 50, a half century. That’s only 15 years till 65. What business did I have starting a business?

Turns out, no one cares how old I am but me. They only care what my business can do for them, as they should. 

If you want to start something new and the only reason you haven’t is your age, please start now. Age is a non-reason. No one cares but you.

Besides, how old will you be in five years if you don’t do it?

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