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By Kevin Elliott

You HAVE to go!

Have you ever been to a new restaurant, had an amazing experience, and couldn’t wait to tell a good friend about it? 

No, more than just tell. You couldn’t wait to make her go. Your friend might be skeptical or maybe she doesn’t go out much. But you don’t care. You know that, if she goes, she will love it as much as you. 

You love your friend, so you encourage her to do things she may not try on her own. You encourage for her sake.

That’s how marketing your business should be. 

Sleazy salesman or good friend?

Marketing sometimes gets a bad name (deservedly) as trickery or manipulation. Sleazy “marketers” make promises they don’t mean to keep and play mind games to steal your money. 

True. But that is not marketing. It is trickery and manipulation. 

Marketing your business is telling people about something that is good for them. You don’t hesitate to tell your friend about the restaurant, so you shouldn’t hesitate to tell people about your business, if they can benefit from what you offer

Unless you don’t feel that way about your business.

If you are reticent to tell others about your business, don’t just chalk it up to your shy personality. Answer the hard question: Do I believe my business offers genuine benefit to others? 

If you don’t, consider changing your business until you do believe in it, or get out. You’ll just feel dirty until you do. 

Trust me, you’ll love it.

Marketing should be one friend persuading another to try something they are going to love. Think of it this way – What kind of friend would you be if you did not tell your loved ones about it? 

Marketing, done right, is an act of love.

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