Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

By Kevin Elliott

I spent last Sunday working through our 2020 profit and loss statement for Wewa Films. And I loved it. 

You might say, “Well Kevin, you probably like all that spreadsheet accounting crap.” Uh-uh. I’m not naturally good at it. It makes my brain hurt. 


Then why do I say I love it? Because I love my business, everything about it. And loving a business is like loving children. Even the nasty, boring, frustrating, un-sexy, nitty gritty stuff is good stuff. You are doing something meaningful that contributes to the growth and well being of something you love.

It’s the stuff you have to do to get to do the stuff you want to do. And FYI, the nitty gritty tasks take up the majority of an entrepreneur’s time (keep that in mind if you are considering starting a business).

Nitty Gritty Necessities

I deal with marketing, P&L, bank accounts, proposal and script writing, project management, and client relations. Courtney deals with gear maintenance, software upgrades, computer crashes, and media management. We do all that so we can do what we started this business to do – make storytelling videos that touch peoples’ hearts.

Loving a business means loving the fun-less stuff too. 

Oh, and here’s the P&L template I use, if you want it.

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