By Kevin Elliott

You’ve probably heard that, in business and life, “communication is key.” True, but what does that look like? 

It looks like this. My wife and I recently bought some furniture from Ashley HomeStore. They told us clearly when we purchased there was an 8-10 week wait period for our pieces to arrive. That’s a good tip all by itself – set clear expectations. No problem, we said. 

Then, a couple weeks later, I received the below text out of the blue. Ashley wanted to give me an update on our delivery. It was still going to be a while, but they wanted to let me know they hadn’t forgotten about our order, they were still backed up, but we held our place in line. 

How nice. They had already made it clear that we had a long wait, but that text was above and beyond. No real news, just a touchpoint to show I was still on their radar. 

Wewa Films | Power of the Preemptive Status Update

Use preemptive touchpoints with your customers to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Customer care is a lot like dating. Preemptive acts of thoughtfulness keep the love alive.

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