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By Kevin Elliott

Simple changes in mindset can make a huge difference. 

As entrepreneurs, we know everything about our businesses, our value propositions, and why people should hire us. That makes it frustrating when people don’t fall over themselves to do business with us. Or worse yet, when people hire your competitors who do inferior work to yours.

Why hire the other company when you are clearly better? Probably because they sold better than you. 

No matter how amazing you are, no business sells itself. You can’t expect to just form an LLC, put up a Facebook page, and start cashing checks. 

That’s the “build it and they will come” mentality. The idea is that people will scour the internet looking for a business just like yours to buy from. 

They won’t. You have to find your clients and sell your products or services to them. Your business is not bought, it is sold. 

I learned this important mindset shift from the classic startup book The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki. Fact is, the businesses who sell better get ahead, even if they have lesser quality offerings. 

So stop waiting to be bought. Start selling. 

For some practical tips, read the article I wrote on marketing video companies for Desktop Documentaries.

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