“Albert Schweitzer, painted portrait DDC_0712” by Abode of Chaos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By Kevin Elliott

Albert Schweitzer was one of the most accomplished humans ever. 

He had a Ph.D. in philosophy, was a surgeon, and a world-class musician. He founded orphanages in Africa. He wrote biographies of Bach in French … and German. He won a Nobel Prize. Geez. 

How did he get it all done? I mean, literally how did he have enough time? As an entrepreneur, I struggle to keep up sometimes. Marketing, project management, client relations, social media, blogging, bookkeeping. I love it, but those 24 hours a day don’t seem nearly enough sometimes.

Where did he Al find the time? 

Use the Minutes

There may be a clue in a quote that is attributed to Dr. Schweitzer. Like all good quotes, it might not have been said by him. But who cares? It fits. 

The story I heard goes like this: Someone asked Albert how he could possibly accomplish all he did in one human life. His response?

“I used the minutes, for the hours never came.”

How many minutes do you and I waste each day when we could be doing something that would build our business? Do we need to scroll that much? Are those extra Netflix episodes really necessary? How many minutes can you reclaim? 

You will never, never have hours to build your business. Those entrepreneurs who make it learn how to make every minute count. 

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